GPS Cancer: Know More Before

The IAFF, in partnership with NantHealth, is proud to support local efforts to provide IAFF members and their families with coverage for a ground-breaking cancer treatment decision-support technology called GPS Cancer. This revolutionary new approach to fighting cancer uses advanced molecular profiling of a patient’s tumor to help physicians identify the best cancer treatment options for patients. GPS Cancer is the only test that measures all DNA, all RNA, and the precise amount of critical proteins present on the surface of a cancer cell from the patient's tissue sample. This comprehensive profile helps physicians identify the unique drivers of an individual’s cancer to determine whether a particular cancer will respond to chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or immunotherapy before a patient is treated. GPS Cancer may also play an important role in helping physicians gain access for patients to clinical trials. 

The IAFF Executive Team, with input from local leadership, has endorsed a partnership with NantHealth to support efforts to provide members access to GPS Cancer through local-level self-insured health plan coverage and other benefit options. GPS Cancer is already being covered in many cities, and partnerships with locals will be established throughout the United States and Canada over the course of 2017 and 2018.

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