GPS Cancer: Know More Before


Why GPS Cancer?

Every cancer is unique — what works for one patient may not for another. How can doctors know all they can about your tumor?

The GPS Cancer profile is the most comprehensive combination of tests available, analyzing all DNA, all RNA and specific proteins to identify the unique drivers of your tumor to inform your doctor of treatment decisions that may have not otherwise been identified.

The results of the GPS Cancer report can provide your oncologist with insight into cancer therapies that may have potential benefit and those therapies to which the cancer may be resistant. It may also identify clinical trials of therapies with potential benefit. Your oncologist can use this information to develop personalized treatment plans based on the unique biology of your cancer. Now you and your doctor can know more about your tumor than ever before to make informed, personalized treatment decisions. 

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How it Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about GPS Cancer, read our FAQs. Talk with your physician about molecular profiling and GPS Cancer or contact us to determine whether GPS Cancer is appropriate for your type of cancer. 

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