Specimens must be submitted in the GPS Cancer submission kits. If your laboratory is ready to submit samples, and you do not have the appropriate kits, please contact 1-844-MY-OMICS/1-844-696-6427 for assistance.

Solid Tumor Samples

Formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tumor tissue blocks are the preferred method for providing tumor specimens for testing. If a tissue block cannot be provided, please contact us to obtain specific instructions for submitting slides.   

Follow your institution’s standard laboratory practice guidelines for processing FFPE tissue.

Tissue provided should represent the greatest amount/area of the highest-grade malignancy, morphologically consistent with the submitting diagnosis.

In order to provide adequate material for dissection and analysis, the thickness of the tissue in the block should be sufficient for approximately 10-15 x 10 μm sections, optimally with greater than 25% tumor content

Blood Samples

A blood sample is required to compare a patient’s tumor DNA with their normal DNA found in blood. A blood kit will be sent to the blood draw center or physician’s office for collection.